PlaneChase Cards


Planechase is an augmentation to basic magic, where a deck of PlaneChase cards, (see examples above), is shuffled and set to the side of the table.


The top one is turned and this is the current plane the entire table is playing in. 


Each card has 2 sets of rules:

The top section of rules is always active, while we are in this plane. The bottom section of rules becomes active when someone throws the chaos icon on the planar die.


On top of regular PlaneChase cards, there are also phenomenons, which are a temporary event triggered by turning them over. 

Planar Die


The Planechase dice has 6 sides of which one has the planeswalk symbol and one has the chaos symbol.


You can throw the dice for free, once each turn in any of your main-phases, if it lands on the planeswalk symbol you draw a new planechase card. If it lands on the chaos side you do whatever the chaos action on your current plane says.


Rolling the planar die costs an amount of mana equal to the number of times the player taking that action has done so that turn. For example, the first die roll costs 0, the second costs 1, and so on.



Not all commander league tournament will be of the planechase format. This will be decided and announced beforehand.