Tournament Rules

Structure: We'll play 3 rounds of 90 minutes and we'll try to make every table a 4-player table. You earn points for taking out opponents and by reaching certain global achievements. Each round will have 3 randomly picked achievements. And there is a seperate price for having the most fun deck, which is rated by opponents.

You start the game with 10 points, during the game you can win or lose points..

Rule Changes: 75min games became 90min games, 12:00 start time, No skill destruction -2 (down from -1), No Skill destruction specifically says: starting opponents, instead of opponents, Highlander +2 (up from +1), Rules for Forfeiting added, rounds renamed to games. .

Point System & Rules

1.       Earning Points


  • (+2) Killer: Take out an opponent.
  • (+1) Thirsty: Actively cause a player to draw the last card of his library or put the last card of his library in his graveyard.

Once per game:

  • (+1) Savior: Save an opponent from getting knocked out.
  • (+2) Highlander: Be the last person in a game.
  • (+1) Murphy's Victim: Be knocked out first (conceding will not trigger this)
  • (+1) Survivor: cast your general more than 4 times in a single game
  • (+1) No need for violence: Trigger a different win-condition (for example: if you have 10 wizards in your upkeep, you win the game)

2.       Losing Points

Once per game:

  • (-1) Premature: Take out an opponent before turn 6
  • (-2) No Skill Destruction: Take out all starting opponents at once
  • (-1) Tutor-Stutor: Search for a non-land in your library
  • (-2) Selfish Glutton: Destroy/Force to Sacrifice 4 or more lands of an opponent
  • (-2) Victim: Be taken out
  • (-2) Ban-Solicitor: Be a jerk, verbal abuse, aggression, etc.
  • (-8) Infinitely Boring: Use an infinite combo. We'll be using common sense for this, but the spirit of this rule is: Use something that could loop infinitely more than once per game.
  • (-8) Sore Loser: Forfeiting the game (can only be done at sorcery speed), (+1) point all other players alive in round.

3.       Bonus Achievements

During each game we will draw three bonus achievements you can get for that round. These will come out of a large set of different achievements and because of the randomness factor can't be build towards.

Examples might be:

  • (+1) Big Spender: Pay 20 or more mana to cast your General.
  • (+1) Accountant: Deal exactly enough damage to kill another player. (Regular or Commander damage.)
  • (+1) Librarian: Have 20 or more cards in your hand

4.       Rule Change: Extra Turns

Since there is a time-limit in a round we try to make sure players turns won't last to long, that's why we adopted the rule that extra turns won't be taken. The exception to this is when you give an opponent and extra turn (you will not be controlling) like Emrakul, the Promised End, since giving this turn is a negative effect to

5.       Mulligans & First Turn Draw


First: Free (Seven NEW cards)

Second: Six Cards

Third: Five Cards

Fourth: Four Cards

If you have less than seven cards, Scry 1

Because of the fact that this is a multiplayer game the starting player also draws a card.

6.       Rounds & Table Settings

Each round we will calculate the current score per person and create a tables with people around the same score as you are.

7.       Venue Rules:

It's not allowed to bring outside consumptions to the venue. The venue will have drinks and snacks on their menu.

8.       Prices & Price Structure:

The Prices and Price structure will be determined by the amount of players joining in the tournament. We will make sure that the top 3 in score will get a price and the most fun deck will recieve a price. The prices can be anything from boosters to pre-made commander decks to specific cards (like a foil 'sol ring'), all depending on turn-out. The winner of one of these tournaments will qualify for the commander finals, which is a tournament of winners.

9.       Popular Vote:

Since commander is about having fun, we also want to give people the opportunity to build for fun, that's why there is a special price for the most popular/fun deck. After each round each player blindly fills in the decks in order of the amount of fun you've had and hand this scoring form to the main desk.

Scoring will be done as follows:

  1. 3 popular points
  2. 2 popular points
  3. 1 popular points
  4. 0 popular points

10.       Side-Board & Commander Changing:

During the tournament you aren't allowed to switch commander, but you can have a 15 card side-board to swap between rounds.

11.       Proxies:

Proxies aren't allowed in this tournament.